1. Do the accounts/services are covered under warranty?

Yes, all the provided services are covered under warranty according to their type and duration from 1 to 12 months.

2. What is the best way for me to make my payment?

We offer various payment options for you, including cryptocurrencies such as Perfect Money, international debit cards, and other options. We recommend payments in cryptocurrencies.

3. Whether the provided accounts/services are dedicated or shared?

The majority of the services offered are dedicated, such as TradingView accounts, antivirus licenses, Windows, software, and so on. Some services may be dedicated or shared with other clients, depending on the conditions. However, you can use all available dedicated or shared services. Remember that the purchaser cannot modify account information such as username and password under shared services.

4. Can I cooperate with your group?

Yes, you can sell products/accounts, such as TradingView account, antivirus licenses, and other services with us. You can cooperate with us in supplying services/accounts. Please, send us a detailed proposal for collaboration.

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