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Buy Tradingview Account 

Buy  With Best Price And Amazing Discount Include Premium, Pro And Pro+ – Tradingview is amongst the most popular technical analysis and monitoring tools of world markets. Tradingview website provides you with the best and most online tools to manage, analyze, and monitor world financial markets including Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Success in trading without using proper and suitable tools is impossible. Therefore, any trader regardless of how beginner or professional they are needs to adopt appropriate tools such as using options given in various types of Tradingview accounts. Buy Tradingview Account  with a reasonable price can be an exceptional opportunity to get a professional trading tool. We have provided conditions for a limited period so that you can buy Tradingview accounts with the best and special prices.

Tradingview Accounts Price

The purchase price of a Tradingview account directly for retail purchase or so-called “single purchase” is between $149-599. You can buy various types of Tradingview accounts via the Tradingview website at the announced price. However, you can also buy a 1-year Tradingview account with a remarkable discount and a much lower price. We can provide you with various 1-year Tradingview accounts with up to 70% discount. This is an exceptional opportunity to buy a Tradingview account at the best price. Take this great opportunity as long as the period is not terminated.

 Tradingview  Accounts Discount

You can get various Tradingview accounts with up to 70% discount as follows by purchasing from us via the website platform. This is a special discount offer for a limited time.

Buy a premium Tradingview account for $180 instead of $599

Buy a premium Tradingview account for $140 instead of $299

Buy a premium Tradingview account for $80 instead of $155

Terms on buying Tradingview Account with exceptional discount

  • Tradingview accounts are issued for a 1-year period.
  • All issued accounts have a 1-year warranty.
  • The issued accounts are exclusive and only the buyer of the Tradingview account can use them.
  • After buying the account, information concerning the new Tradingview account is provided within 1 to 72 hours to the buyer.
  • After receiving the information of the Tradingview account, the buyer can change username, password, and account email.
  • Information about the purchased account will be sent to your email address; therefore, be careful when entering your email address.

Features of a Tradingview Account

  • Fast online use
  • Appealing and user-friendly environment
  • Usable on computers, mobiles, and tablets
  • A platform for writing scripts and establishing transactional systems
  • Providing different charts, diagrams, and other analysis essential tools
  • A platform for paper-trading for training and testing purposes of the trading strategy
  • Advanced monitoring and various alerts for detecting market fluctuations and issuing alerts
  • Usable in various types of world financial markets including Forex and cryptocurrency markets
  • A platform for communication and sharing content, comments, and analyses with other traders
  • Providing charts for different currency pairs, oil, metals, and indexes of world financial indicators


Various Tradingview accounts

Tradingview website presents three different types of accounts that differ in terms of features and options. These include:

Premium Tradingview Account is the type of account with the most features, in which you can have up to 25 indicators in one single chart and up to 400 alerts. These values are significantly low in other account types. Considering a discount, you can get via this website, purchasing a Premium Tradingview Account with its more features and options will be an excellent and smart choice of yours. Nonetheless, you can buy any of the three offered accounts with a special discount.

How To Buy Tradingview Account

You have the authority to buy and pay the cost via the website in different ways. Our proposed option is to pay with digital currencies. Also, you can do this via international credit cards as well as Perfect Money or other payment portals.


The official way to contact us is via the ticketing system of this website so that customer and purchase information can be tracked. Moreover, in case of an emergency, you can contact us via our support email address.



Buy Tradingview Account With Best Price