Dear user, the BESTLYPRICE group has considered the facilities to cooperate directly and indirectly with companies, websites, and people and presented a platform to make it possible for you to find your required services at affordable prices and amazing discounts. Using and purchasing from the BESTLYPRICE website is considered as your complete agreement to our terms and conditions, including:

Terms and Conditions for purchasing from us

  1. Users need to provide accurate and complete information when purchasing or signing up. It would be best if you use caution while submitting your email address and any personal information. The purchaser is solely responsible for any errors in this regard.
  2. According to service conditions and type, the presented licenses, accounts, and services are based on dedicated and shared services. The purchaser can change the account information in dedicated services, such as email, username, and password, like the TradingView Account.
  1. The user can own and manage an account in dedicated accounts, but in shared accounts, ownership and management are only possible to BESTLYPRICE, and the right to use that account is available to the client.
  2. Service or product with the region will be mentioned in the product or service description. The purchaser should pay attention to product description, such as frequency of installations, duration, and other items.
  3. The purchasers should download their required software from the main website and then use their purchased license or username. BESTLYPRICE is not responsible for teaching the purchaser

Information submission

  1. The information of the purchased account and/or service will be available in the client’s profile after purchasing or sent to the client’s email during the certain period declared to the client when registration.
  2. The purchased account and/or service information will be sent to the client’s email immediately and/or within 1 to 72 hours after purchase.

Clients who do not obtain their service within 72 hours should contact the website’s ticketing system immediately. Until then, please do not send another ticket

Warranty of services and accounts

  1. Services are covered under warranty for 1-12 months based on the service type and duration, if the service provider from the parent company and/or the client does not make any mistake during the process.
  2. The end of warranty date depends on the type and duration of the provided subscription, account, or service.
  3. The account that you receive may have a shorter validity period. You got nothing to worry about. The account will be extended automatically at the due time. Therefore, you can use your account for more than the declared period. However, we have covered the declared duration in your account and/or service under warranty.
  4. BESTLYPRICE group is only a mediate between you and the product and/or service provider so that you can use your required service at a much lower price. Hence, this group is not responsible for service quality and/or service continuity in the case of any temporary or permanent service disorder due to hardware, software, policies, and updates of the service provider parent company and similar cases.
  5. The warranty on a product will be void if the purchaser makes any mistake during purchasing, does not follow the terms and conditions of the group, company, and/ service provider parent company.
  6. The warranty on a product will be void, and the account will be out of access if the purchaser changes the account information, including email, password, and username in shared accounts/services. (Dedicated services are be included)
  7. For any service that is not delivered within 14 days, a client must notify the company via a support ticket. The warranty on a product will be void if the client does not declare the problem after this period.

Standard Repayment Terms

This website’s services/accounts/licenses are delivered to clients immediately and/or within 1 to 72 hours, depending on type and inventory. Clients who do not obtain their account within the declared time should contact the website’s ticketing system.

The status of the client’s order will be declared within 1 to 10 working days after receiving the client’s ticket based on the non-delivery of service and/or account. The client can ask for repayment and/or service exchange if the client’s order has not been delivered after this period. In such a case, a 10 to 50% discount coupon for compensation. The clients can receive their payment, exchange their service, and obtain a discount coupon.

All the services are covered under warranty in the case of a problem for the purchased service during the warranty period, which is not based on parent service provide policies and/or purchaser’s behavior or failure. Thus, a new account is given to the purchaser with the same type and/or the most similar service. Therefore, the warranty period does not cover repayment but includes account/service exchange with the same type and/or the most similar account/service or discount coupon for another service to satisfy the client.

Force Major

All the commitments are suspended in the case of natural and unnatural disasters beyond the control of this group, such as floods, earthquakes, wars, fires, outbreaks, deaths, internet and power outages, and so on. Those commitments will be restored to their original state when everything returns to its normal state.

Contact us

The ticketing system is our official way to contact us on this website, and the purchasers must submit their request to follow up the possible cases officially through this way. You can also contact us through support email in specific cases, as well as submit a job application.



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